Radish salad w/ oranges and black olives

by AdamB


I guess I am just into radishes after last week’s dinner.  Well, they are in season — the Borough Hall farmer’s market has generous bunches topped with fresh greens that you can cook or eat as a salad green.   This salad balances sharp, salty, sweet and creamy and is a lovely side to a Middle Eastern meal.  We had it with warm hummus, pita and sautéed radish tops.

Serves 2



8 large radishes, washed and stem trimmed

1 small orange, peeled

.25 cup Bulgarian feta, crumbled

.25 cup small black olives (like Lebanese black or Kalamata)

.5 cup shredded Napa cabbage or Brussels sprouts


1T extra-virgin olive oil

2t honey

1T lime juice

1T sherry vinegar

salt + pepper

.5t smoked paprika (for starters — add to taste)


Use a sharp knife to cut radishes into paper thin slices. Stack slices and cut into julienne.  Slice and separate orange into three parts against the grain (ie, so each section is cut in thirds).

Mix radishes and orange in a large bowl with cabbage or Brussels sprouts.

Whisk together all dressing ingredients. Taste, adjust to preference and toss in bowl with radishes, orange and cabbage.


Plate salad and top with a few olives and a crumble of feta.