Seared tuna sandwich w/ pickled onions, avocado and wasabi

by AdamB


When it’s 90 degrees, I mostly want to eat salad and grilled things.  Although we don’t own a barbecue, we did receive a lovely Staub grill pan for an engagement present.  It is about the most beautiful thing in our kitchen, and it seared a thick tuna filet in exactly four minutes.  As usual, err on the side of undercooking — remove tuna when still quite pink.  In other words, do as I say, not as I did. Damn! The tuna was still delicious; I just wish I had cooked it a minute less.  The toppings are a wonderful mix of fresh, crunchy, sour, spicy and creamy.

Serves 2


.75 pound fresh tuna filet

1 small multigrain baguette, cut in sandwich halves

1 large red onion, peeled and thinly sliced

1 small avocado, sliced and spritzed with lemon juice

1 small bunch chives, washed

.5 cup lowfat plain Greek yoghurt

2t wasabi paste (more or less to taste)

juice of 1 small lemon

extra virgin olive oil

white balsamic vinegar

salt + pepper



Slice bread into sandwich halves and set aside.

Slice onion into paper thin ribbons, and set in a small glass container (with a good cover). Cover liberally with white balsamic vinegar and salt, seal well and shake.  Let sit in fridge.


Whisk yoghurt with lemon juice, wasabi paste and a dash of salt, until well blended. Use kitchen shears to snip in chives.  Adjust seasonings to taste and set to chill in fridge.

Heat a cast iron skillet or griddle pan on a high flamer, or light a charcoal grill.  Brush lightly with olive oil.   Drop tuna onto cooking surface and season with salt and pepper. Cook for three or four minutes, tops.  You want a charred exterior, a thin layer of grey and the rest nice and pink.

Warm bread in toaster oven and spread with wasabi yoghurt.   Transfer tuna to bread as soon as you take it from grill. Top with avocado and pickled onion slices.