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Welcome to Pineapple St, a vegetable centric cooking blog.   I strive for simple meals made with unprocessed ingredients, largely based on vegetables and whole grains, with a grounding in global cuisines and basic cooking techniques.

The blogger

I’ve been a vegetarian or pescatarian since I was a kid.   The why part is easy — looking at meat turns my stomach.   I ate no meat or fish in high school or college, and then suddenly realized in my early 20s that I like seafood.  Thank you Newark Ironbound.  My parents also gave me a special gift.  No, it’s not height, but rather a gene for frugality and a sixth sense that never lets my stock of any ingredient fall below one-third full.

Although I’ve always liked to cook, I got a lot more more serious about four years ago, and gradually began to try new vegetables, grains, and techniques.  Mark Bittman’s encyclopedic How to Cook Everything Vegetarian was a revelation – he shows that cooking most things from scratch is fun and does not have to be complicated.  Living in Brooklyn (Pineapple Street to be exact) is great — the food scene is exciting, and I constantly go out and vow to ape the dish with something quicker and healthier.  And I met my fiance Darcy — wonderful to have somebody to cook with, even though prepping for dinner parties in a tiny kitchen has tested our relationship a few times.

Last thing, I’ve been a competitive runner most of my life and now train primarily for triathlons.   That said, I usually don’t like so-called recipes for athletes — too much reducing food to a nutritional formula.   Although the recipes on Pineapple St are largely healthy, most of all they have to taste good — let me know what you think!


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