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Herbed fish cakes w/ horseradish yogurt and root mash

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The Borough Hall farmer’s market sprang back to life last weekend, with a lot more than the usual winter fare of apples and hard cider.  Okay, neither of those is a bad thing!  But now there are baby yellow carrots, tiny turnips and plenty of fresh herbs. The info table happened to have a recipe for pan-fried fish cakes without breadcrumbs — perfect for Passover.   I tried adding a little potato and making in steamer.  They came out really nice — plump, bound well and very full of fresh fish and the spring flavors of cilantro and red onion.  This recipe is versatile. Any type of white-fleshed fish works, as does any root vegetable. I am looking forward to making it into wantons next time.

Makes 6 or 7 good sized cakes.  Serves 3 or 4 people. 

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Thai steamed halibut w/ sweet potato


This is largely based on a recipe by Thai food guru Andy Richter, founder of Pok Pok. I just added vegetables to give the dish body in place of the traditional jasmine rice.  We have had amazing meals at the original Pok Pok in Portland as well as the new place near us in Red Hook.  He is a true student of classic Thai cooking, especially street food — no pad Thai.  I bought a bamboo steamer just to make this dish. So much fun — I loved cooking the sweet potatoes on one level and fish on another, and it left an amazing broth.  We had the miso slaw w/ daikon on side.

Serves 2

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