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Beet carpaccio w/ pickled red onion


We love the zucchini and carrot carpaccio at DOC wine bar in Williamsburg (although it is off the winter menu), and make carpaccio from nearly any vegetable that will slice cleanly on a mandoline.   Asparagus, fennel, radishes, most root vegetables and even raw winter squash all work great.  Quick pickled red onion has much less burn than a raw onion — wonderful on most salads.   Although many quick pickling recipes call for sugar, it’s not necessary.

Serves 2

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Borscht (hearty or as a shooter)


As you may tell, I love blended soups.  So pure and simple, based on one good ingredient.  Beets are the absolute star here — a perfect, concentrated fall soup.  Bulgar and blended white beans make this a filling and complete meal.  Or you can skip both and serve cold in tea candle glasses, as a shooter.

Serves 4

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