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Bulgar, black bean and squash chili w/ charred bok choy


When I think of chili, I think of two things — pro sports on tv and a dish with heat, not just spice. Well Super Bowl Sunday took care of the former. My goal in the latter was a deep and smoky vegetarian dish that did not induce tears or bring to mind the hot pepper scene from Dumb and Dumber. It came out pretty good — plenty deep and smoky thanks to smoked paprika, caramelized poblanos and a topping of charred greens. Bring on that cold weather!

Serves 4

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Soft tacos with butternut squash + black beans

Darcy ran the Philadelphia Marathon today and was craving a hearty fall dinner.   So we had black beans seasoned with cumin and miso and tacos filled with herbed squash.   I like to pick up my tacos — that means easy on the filling and beans on the side.  I never made beans from scratch until trying the quick soak method in Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian.  Now I make a pot of beans most Sundays to have in different dishes during the week.

Serves 2

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