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White pizza, grilled two ways


80 degrees a few times this week! The weather reminds me it has actually been spring for three weeks, near-freezing temperature for my 10-K last Saturday be damned. That means garden parties in our courtyard.  Two summers ago, we invited a bunch of friends over for Darcy’s birthday and cooked pizzas outside, with an assembly line of toppings next to a little tailgate grill.   Thank you to our friend Zeina for posting these photos that I have been meaning to write up.  You can see pizza symmetry is not my strong suit.  Aesthetics aside, the pizza came out great, with a chewy, charred crust and a deep smoky flavor.  Here are the recipes — cannot wait to get back at the grill within a few weeks.

Makes two 12 inch pizzas with a very thin crust — serves 4 people as a meal, at least 8 as an appetizer

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Charred Brussels sprouts


You can use this method with nearly any firm vegetable – I have done it with cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, green beans and squash.  Caramelize onions, brown the vegetables and cook through in a stock.  You get charred and tender – no mush.

Serves 2

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