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Warm Israeli hummus w/ greens


Lately, I have been obsessed with eating hummus warm, as is popular throughout the greater Middle East.  I think I am shooting for a hearty baked hummus I ate in Turkey a few years ago in a stone terrine.   We also just received Jerusalemthe new Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook, with a recipe for Israeli hummus masubha — topped with warm whole chickpeas. This hummus is my simpler weekday version of the Ottolenghi recipe.  I skipped the steps of soaking overnight and serving with extra tahini.  This dish is my absolute favorite lunch with pita, caramelized onions and sauteed greens; microwaved at work, heated properly on a weekend.

Serves 2 or 3

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Socca (chick pea pancake)


I have a few recipes for socca (also known as farinata or cecina), a simple chick pea pancake popular in Italy and France.   There is the traditional baked Bittman version, and the richer fried Ottolenghi version.   I combined the two — fry for a minute in a cast iron skillet to get a crispy base, then bake and broil.   A sheet of roasted peppers, onions and celery makes a delicious topping, along with a scoop of warm cannellini.  Middle Eastern and Indian grocers sell chickpea flour, which is also a useful ingredient for gluten-free or even Passover cooking.   While you are there, get some za’atar and a blend such as Yemeni spice.

Serves 2

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Chopped salad


I am rarely a salad-as-a-meal guy.  Salad with lunch or dinner, all the time. But even a hearty salad never seems enough without at least a light side, like soup or bread and hummus.  That said, this salad is a meal, the proof being the leftovers we could not finish.

Of course, this recipe has a ton of variations.  Always use ingredients with a variety of colors, textures and degrees of richness, and and cut every ingredient to roughly uniform size.  The result will yield some very interesting forkfuls that just might fill you up.

Serves 2 as a meal, 4 as a side

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Risi e ceci (chick pea risotto)


If you like to cook, you probably own a book by Mark Bittman.  Most likely it is How to Cook Everything, which I am pretty sure my mom gave me when I rented my first apartment after college, and is one of the most torn, sticky and crumb-filled books in my kitchen.  When I have a cooking question, it’s usually Bittman first and Google second.   His books are a great way to learn to cook, rather than just follow a recipe — learn his basic recipe, try one of his variations and finally add your own tweaks. This recipe comes from Food Matters, and is a take on a classic risotto with rice and peas.  I swapped chick peas for peas and cilantro for parsley.  Oh, and I used traditional arborio rice instead of brown.  The result is very tasty, and still about the healthiest dish you can make that still counts as risotto.

Serves 2

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Chick pea and bulgar stew w/ poached egg


I don’t know what to call this one-pot meal — hearty breakfast? Quick dinner? I tend to make something like this stew after a morning run on weekends, especially on a freezing day like today.  And I would definitely order it on a brunch menu. So there you have it — chick pea, bulgar and vegetable stew topped with an egg that poaches in the stew’s broth.  Bulgar is an awesome ingredient — a fairly whole grain that is pre-cooked and dried.  You can reconstitute bulgar in 15 minutes of soaking in boiling water, or even overnight in cold water — I use it all the time to thicken soups and stews.

Serves 2

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Chunky hummus w/ za’atar

This is a slightly lighter take on good classic hummus.  No sun-dried tomatoes, no pesto, no artichokes and basil.   Just plenty of punch from za’atar and smoked paprika.

Serves 2

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