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Corn pesto


I am hooked on yet another summer pasta, a vegan pesto of fresh raw corn pureed with parsley.  The result is creamy and incredibly bright.  Parsley is underrated.  I like it for many reasons — it’s cheap, it keeps well and it adds a fresh note to dishes. Cooking the corn cobs in pasta water is a nice touch here that adds starchiness and flavor to your sauce.

Serves 2

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Roasted corn soup

This may be anathema on a cooking blog, but sometimes farm fresh is overrated.   Sure, with time and money I’d only shop at farmer’s markets.   But most of the time, the local mom and pop produce mart is trusty, dirt cheap and full of fresh things.   When I can’t even get there, I make stuff like this from my freezer and cupboard.   Actually, I make this soup all the time in the summer — sure beats shucking and slicing kernels from a half dozen ears of corn.   The Yukon Gold potatoes lend a nice creaminess for a vegan dish (at least before garnishes) and the crispy corn and potatoes on top are, well, really friggin’ tasty.  If you want to get fancier, use the extra garnishes.

Serves 4

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