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Not quite vegan pizza

2013-01-28 21.24.17

This pizza works with just about any vegetable that is wearing out its welcome in your fridge or windowsill.  The idea is to make a thick sauce from caramelized vegetables and onions with tomato paste, and to use no cheese save parmesan or pecorino. We happened to have a few green peppers, some cherry tomatoes and a bit of kale. Caramelized peppers are mushy and sweet, not too different from fire roasted peppers (but less work, I say).  They melt in the mouth, and are a nice sweet balance to the acidity of tomatoes.

Makes a 12 inch pizza with a very thin crust — good for 1-2 people. 

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Pasta w/ kale + late summer roast

I love red kale — a little sweeter than green kale, and a little less chewy than dinosaur kale.  This works great with any kind of strong greens — kale, broccoli rabe, chard or mustard greens.   If you roast the vegetables in advance, it is a very quick dinner. When I was a kid, I could probably eat half a box of pasta.   But now I appreciate this dish, which is very toothsome and hearty despite  a small amount of pasta.    You can’t see it under all the vegetables, but I promise it’s there.

Serves 2

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