Blended lentil soup w/ caramelized stock

I love the immersion blender — how dumb do I feel for all the times I made a hot mess moving  soup to a food processor?   Like many blended soups, this one takes well to many garnishes — see below.   The picture has chili sesame oil, pepitas and parsley.  Or a poached egg and bulgar make an incredibly hearty meal.

I happened to have a jar of le Puy lentils, which keep their shape when cooked — green or brown lentils are your only choice for a salad.   But any lentils work in soup — red or yellow fall apart very easily and make a nice color to boot.

I often pack this soup for lunch.  Drop a handful of dry bulgar in the night before or in the morning, with a little extra broth or water — voila, a super hearty and complete meal.

Serves 4

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