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Spaghetti squash “risotto” w/ ricotta

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Happy 2013.   My brother Dan was in town from Boston with his wife and two boys, and some friends in Prospect Heights hosted an awesome dinner New Year’s Eve.  We had vegetarian chili, a cakey skillet cornbread known as Johnnycake, fingerling potatoes in a bunch of colors and treats from Sahadi’s. Oh, and Darcy’s amazing almond-cardamom tart from Bon Appetit.  Well, the main course was a roast whole pig that everybody: (i) loved; and (ii) was nice enough to leave in another room.

Anyways, today was craving a simple and quick lunch, so made this with leftover spaghetti squash.  It’s a knockoff of a side dish we had at an Italian restaurant.

Serves 4

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Risi e ceci (chick pea risotto)


If you like to cook, you probably own a book by Mark Bittman.  Most likely it is How to Cook Everything, which I am pretty sure my mom gave me when I rented my first apartment after college, and is one of the most torn, sticky and crumb-filled books in my kitchen.  When I have a cooking question, it’s usually Bittman first and Google second.   His books are a great way to learn to cook, rather than just follow a recipe — learn his basic recipe, try one of his variations and finally add your own tweaks. This recipe comes from Food Matters, and is a take on a classic risotto with rice and peas.  I swapped chick peas for peas and cilantro for parsley.  Oh, and I used traditional arborio rice instead of brown.  The result is very tasty, and still about the healthiest dish you can make that still counts as risotto.

Serves 2

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