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Herbed fish cakes w/ horseradish yogurt and root mash

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The Borough Hall farmer’s market sprang back to life last weekend, with a lot more than the usual winter fare of apples and hard cider.  Okay, neither of those is a bad thing!  But now there are baby yellow carrots, tiny turnips and plenty of fresh herbs. The info table happened to have a recipe for pan-fried fish cakes without breadcrumbs — perfect for Passover.   I tried adding a little potato and making in steamer.  They came out really nice — plump, bound well and very full of fresh fish and the spring flavors of cilantro and red onion.  This recipe is versatile. Any type of white-fleshed fish works, as does any root vegetable. I am looking forward to making it into wantons next time.

Makes 6 or 7 good sized cakes.  Serves 3 or 4 people. 

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Shaved coconut macaroons w/ lime


Passover started tonight, and few things remind me of the holiday like coconut macaroons.  Below recipe is from this month’s Bon Appetit, with a few small changes. We like a macaroon with a browned crispy bottom, so we baked on greased foil instead of parchment paper.  And we halved the lime zest — they are still plenty lime-y. Wide flakes or shavings are worth seeking out — we found them by Let’s Do Organic at a natural foods store, Garden of Eden.  Whereas shredded coconut macaroons tend to be dense and chewy, these are more a light pile of crispy coconut.   You may never eat the spongey Manischewitz variety again!

Makes 4 dozen cookies (Hey, we are giving some away and otherwise hoping they last a week)

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