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Cold roasted zucchini soup w/ tahini


I love zucchini when roasted slowly at a low temperature.   I adapted this recipe from the charred zucchini soup in Love Soup, a vegetarian cookbook by Anna Thomas.  She serves hers hot, and topped with a generous amount of yoghurt.  This one is chilled and vegan, with extra richness and smokiness from tahini.  Use a ton of dill — it adds brightness and makes the soup a lovely deep green.

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Tahini-miso slaw w/ daikon


We got this addictive dressing recipe from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Really, miso and tahini are a great combination.  Think something like the thick orange stuff you get on three pieces of iceberg lettuce in Japanese restaurants, only so much better.  She uses sugar snap peas.  I say the salad is all about the dressing, and anything green and crunchy has the right idea — a crisp and refreshing salad that balances a spicy main course.

Serves 4

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